A children's story inspired by nature, fuelled by imagination and based on mindfulness and love. 

Follow Kaya through the Malaysian rainforest as she discovers an inquisitive butterfly,
a lost carousel and her heart song. A delightful read filled about mindfulness
for young hearts and the young at heart.

Kaya's Heart Song, for children from the ages of 4 - 8 or (108!)
is illustrated by Nerina Canzi and published by Lantana Publishing.





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Inspiration for Kaya's Heart Song


What inspired me to write Kaya’s Heart Song

My character Kaya is based on a lot of what I love too, such as being in nature, running away with my imagination, relishing that spirit of adventure and in the case of ‘Kaya’s Heart Song’, even magic and carousels!

The idea to write about a heart song came up as I was musing over the different desires that we carry in our hearts; the dreams that make them sing with joy and fulfilment. The ones that make us feel like anything is possible and that we hold the gifts to make them real. I wanted to tell a story about a heart song using themes that children could understand, to show them the importance of valuing our heart's desires and believing in our own magic and imagination.

Nature inspires me with its beauty and mystery and that is why I choose natural backdrops for my stories, because there’s always a sense of wonder and the unexpected.

I often seek the guidance of my own inner child when I plan a story. In some way, you could say that my inner child has come alive through Kaya. 

Let Kaya take you on a magical adventure!

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Learn to quieten your mind so the music can be heard.
— Mama's wise words, from Kaya's Heart Song